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My worst experience with Sales Rep (ID 1896990)

My worst experience with Sales Rep #896990 - My friend recommended me to change my account from Rogers to Koodo. I went to Sarnia Lambton Mall and changed my account and told the sale rep I want to refer my dad to Koodo. She said both me, my friend and my dad could get $50 credit if we do so. I questioned her response but she is really a talker instead of a listener. She started the process to link my friend's account to my dad's account but then she could not link mine to my dad and could not reverse the process. We spent more than two hours to resolve the mistake she made but she did not acknowledge the fact that she needs more training. She just complaining about Koodo which made us frustrated.

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Any relation to user "Jean Xu"? Two complaints about the same rep in one day!
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Hey Richard! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We will definitely send it to the right person for coaching opportunities. Please don't hesitate to contact us via a private message on Facebook or Twitter if anything if you have any unresolved concerns.  Thanks!