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My plan has 200 free canada wide minutes but when i got my bill it only allowed 144 and charged me after that? anyone know why

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It's called proration, Paula. When you first sign up you won't have a complete month, so your minutes are charged according to the days until your next billing cycle. From now on you'll have 200 minutes per month!
thank you that makes sense... 🙂
In this case shouldn't those extra minutes be rolled over to the next plan instead? I was charged over $30 extra for this reason, yet the (reduced) minuted were still calculated based on a full billing cycle (i.e. I was given 168 for a full month, despite having 200 minutes/month for each plan).
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Jessica Ann Cosham wrote:

In this case shouldn't those extra minutes be rolled over to the next plan instead? I was charged...

There is no roll over with Koodo. What happens is that when you join you most likely join in the middle of a billing cycle. If you join right in the middle, you will pay for half of the month and also receive half of the services. When the billing cycle resets, then you get your full month's worth of services.
I can understand if you were joining, however I have been with Koodo around 5+ years and never had this happen before (I always check any overages). What I don't understand is that I was being charged for a full month's rates (I was charged my usual monthly rates for the plan despite changing around 2/3 of the way in), being billed for a full month period (the period the calls occurred was over a full month cycle), yet only being provided a portion of the services I am paying for.
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Calls are billed to the plan you are on at the time. If you change your plan 2/3 of the way through the month, you will be refunded 1/3 of the price of the old plan, while being alloted 2/3 of its minutes for that portion of the month. You will be charged 1/3 of the new plans price for the rest of the month, while being alloted 1/3 of the minutes it includes.