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My own phone number on my over airtime charges

I pay ~$40 a month regularly, 300Meg 300 min. This month I got billed for $250 for over using airtime. On my bill were several lengthy calls to my own phone number. How does that make sense? Is there anyone I can talk to that might reverse some of these charges (phone number)?

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Hi Jeff, You would need to cal customer service to get them to reverse the charges or explain why you incurred these charges. You can do so by dialling *611 from your Koodo phone.

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Incoming calls from your own phone number could be from "private numbers".
You can check/compare between  your phone log and your ebill 
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Jeff, as Mayumi mentioned incoming calls count towards your 300 minutes as well. Sounds like you may have gone over your minutes when people were calling you outside your evening and weekend free periods. We have some promotional plans right now that gives 500 minutes and 1Gb data for only $45. You may consider switching to that.