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My data plan is supposed to reset itself but it doesn't seem to be doing that?

I have a 100 mb of data on my plan which is supposed to reset itself on the 9th of every month. The previous months it did so but it is the 9th today and it still says that I have used all my 100 mb. Why hasn't it reset itself this time?

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Hi Heather,

I believe that the 9th would count in the current month and that on the 10th (tomorrow) your data usage would reset back to 0. 
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Hey Heather, Mathieu is right 🙂 ! Since your billing cycle ends the 9th and restarts the 10th, your usage will restart today (the 10th).  It can take a few hours for it to reflect on self-serve, but rest assured the system will calculate as if it's restarted as of 12:00am on the 10th or every month.  Hope this clarifies things!