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My add on isn't working

I am currently in the U.S on vacation. I purchased the 30$ add on for text and calling but it is not working, my cellular roaming is on. I'm only able to use my phone when the wifi is on

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Hello Sarah,

Please restart the phone an see if that solves the problem. If not, please come and tell us, we'll find a solution.
Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

Make sure you've added the $0 long distance /international roaming addons

I was never told about that at the Koodo store? What exactly is that for??
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Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

$0 pay per use long distance and the $0 roaming add-ons just allow the services to be used, witho...

I thought these were only needed for International travel, not for the US.
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What kind of cellphone do you have? If you have an Android I would check my mobile network settings, make sure Network Operators is set to Automatic. If you have an Iphone that option is on Carrier. As far as I know the add ons mentioned above does not apply to the USA