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Multi-Media Partnership Add-Ons

[b]Data is where its at, we all want it, we all use it, we all want a more compelling way to pay for data that suits our lifestyle. 

Some people stream music from Songza or Spotify while walking downtown/ commuting in a car. Others watch movies on their commute with Netflix or Youtube. People read e-books, digital newspapers and listen to podcasts. 

These can be data heavy situations which ends up hurting the customer based on their habits if they aren't in a WiFi area. (i've been dinged a few times because I wanted to watch youtube videos on the bus commuting home from work)

[i]Develop partnerships with content creators that allow for users to use high volumes of their content for a smaller fee than a data package. 

  • [b]Koodo & Netflix offering.  If you have netflix account, and you have the koodo Add-on you can stream content, unlimited, for the price of that package. 
  • [b]Koodo & Songza offering.  Users who are audiophiles and listening to music from online streaming services while they ride the bus get an all you can eat from a specific provider. Imagine all the Satellite radio subscribers who would ditch their expensive annual plans for the ability to get a similar offering from Koodo? 
[b]Benefits of the partnership:
The [i]content creators get dedicated eyeballs. Youtube know that koodo customers will watch more of their content because of this plan. Koodo can get a subsidy fee from these companies who want to ensure greater share of audience time, these fees help make such plans more profitable. 

Koodo is able to maintain its Brand image of offering competitive incentives that the rivals will be very late to offering. Koodo is seen as "understanding their clients needs and not just out to cash in on their customers data habits."

[b]How it works: 
People with the "Audiophile" plan can stream music via specific apps with no data penalties levied. All other data costs as normal, (e-mail, games, web).

Show the user how much data they used via this service and let them know how much they saved by using the Add-on.  

I've thought this Idea out in a lot of ways, it's easy to say [i]it won't work. But i have a feeling the millennial generation will get onboard. You want a fresh idea that the competition doesn't have, this is it. First movers advantage.

Reach out to me if you think this is a good idea and want to hear more of my approach.

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