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Mucho Mucho More!!!

I have three phones with Koodo and one with Rogers. I want all my phones with Koodo. I would love an incentive that would allow me to have what I have with Rogers on Koodo. ($100 credit to switch, the option to add $5 or $10 to tab with every bill, a $100/month unlimited family plan with free messaging and 3 gigs Data(combined) 200 min per month on each phone and up to 5 phones for the Family). Those are my ideas. Ask El Tribador what he thinks. I think he would like me as a customer.

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Hey Ed, We can’t comment on new phones, rate plans or services until they’re launched due to competitive reasons. Keep a look out, though. If there are any new changes, we’ll announce it either here, Facebook or our website 🙂 Sumaya