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Moving to Montreal from the US

Hi, Im moving to Canada for college next week, and Im interested in purchasing a cell phone plan. I already have a Galaxy S4, and was wondering if I could keep it and simply put in a new SIM card? And would it be possible to do this with the $60/ month Heavy Weight Canada Wide Plan?

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Hi there Matthew... Welcome to Canada and to Montreal, if your S4 is already unlocked, all you need is to approach the Koodo shop and open an account, you will need 2 pieces of ID to open the account.... The SIM CARD will cost you 10$ + tax and you will be able to chose one of the amazing Koodo plans for Quebec, so if you want to check those plans, go to the koodo website, and at the bottom of the page, make sure you select in Region Quebec... Enjoy...
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You sure can! And if your Galaxy S4 isn't already unlocked you can unlock it at the kiosk. They're even offering a one-time free unlock for a limited time, I hope "limited" doesn't turn out to mean "just before you get here". Anyway, I hope you enjoy Canada! Pack a coat!