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Moving to a different province

I've moved from Ontario to Manitoba. I wish to keep my current phone number. I've noticed that the prices here in MB are much cheaper than ON. Can I keep my same number and obtain a MB rate plan?

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You need to have a Manitoba number and a Manitoba billing address to get the Manitoba plan. There are ways around this if you do some searching but eventually the koodo system will figure it out and force you to take a plan that corresponds to your actual phone numbers province plans.
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You could port your Ontario number to a VoIP service. This will cancel your Koodo account... balance of tab and final invoice will have to be paid. Look at voip.ms, CallCentric and other internet virtual phone suppliers.

Open a new account at your new MB location with a MB plan, billing and pricing that uses a local MB phone number and your current handset. You can then forward your calls from your old number from the VoIP service to your new cell.

Complicated.. ? just a little. You will have to pay a few bucks a month for the forwarding, but your old contacts and new friends can reach you without paying long distance.

Unlike some other questionable schemes, this is perfectly legal since your new account domicile, number and billing are in MB. The rate savings will probably easily cover the forwarding charges.
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You could also open a second line with a mb number before you port the old other number out. Then, once you get your new address , you can just make the change to your account and not have to go through another credit check etc. I love voip.ms , very easy to use and very inexpensive.