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Moving phone number from one Koodo account to another

I have two Koodo accounts. I need to cancel one but keep the phone number. To be specific: Account A (good plan) - 123-456-7890 Account B (bad plan) - 123-456-7891 In the end, I'd like to keep: Account A (good plan) - 123-456-7891 I don't mind merging the accounts (and paying the $25 fee to transfer) if that makes it easier.

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Perhaps I could ask the question another way. Is it possible to port a number from one Koodo account to another? We will be cancelling the originating account anyway.
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Unfortunately there is no way for Koodo to do that as intercompany ports are not possible unless going from prepaid to postpaid. The only way to do it would be to port your account B number to any prepaid carrier and then port it back to Koodo onto account A.
As a follow up, I did as Ahmad suggested and ported the number to Fido and then back. The process went very well. The only caution that I would provide to anyone considering this action is to make sure that the originating account is still active when you port the number to another carrier. If the originating account is no longer active, then they can't port the number.