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Moving-Number change

I am in Vancouver right now (October) and I don't have a phone, but I am moving to PEI in January and want to stay with Koodo. Is there any way that I can get a phone with a PEI number now? (I would prefer not to have to change my number in a few months).

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Yes, although I'm not certain whether kiosks can assign out of province numbers. You may have to get the phone first then call in for the out of province number change.
Yes, ANY Koodo kiosk or 3rd party retailer can give you a number from any province you want. It just comes down to "Is the rep you're talking to willing to do it?". It's not difficult, no extra steps required. You can also change it later through self-serve (before someone says you can't: that is restricted only if you have a MB/SK/QC number).