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Moving from telus to koodo

I have a contract which is ending on August 31st (about 4months left) with Telus, but I am thinking of switching to Koodo. I'm wondering if there will be a penalty switching withing the same network. Could someone please advice on how to go about this without penalty.

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This all depends on what you currently have with Telus. If you are on a contract, then you will end up paying the cancelation fee of the contract. There really isn't a way of getting around paying the penalty. Should of thought of that before going on a fixed term contract.
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Unfortunately, even if they are under the same umbrella, it doesn't mean you can change without paying penalties. Their goal is to have the biggest amount of money out of you. Keep that in mind. Therefore, if you've signed that you won't quit before the en of the contract... Then this is what you have to deal with. I'm sorry about it. You could give it a try, you never know though
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You will definitely be charged whatever the cancellation fee is... it sounds like you may be on the Device Balance system, judging from the age from of the term, or perhaps you were still on the tail end of contract terms. Either way, there'll be a nominal fee to cancel. Sorry, bud. I would just wait out the last few months if it's really bothersome... and Telus has some pretty decent offers of their own.