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Moving from Fido to Koodo - ?

Hey guys , I currently have a plan with Fido - $35 Unlimited everything + $4 value pack I'm thinking about moving to koodo with the $30 plan ( $300 tab ) and getting the nexus 4 phone Had a few questions : does koodo have an alternate to the value pack or is everything included in the plan? http://www.fido.ca/web/content/options/valuepacks I don't want to get the $30 plan then have to add another $20 to get all the extra stuffs. Is there any other differences between the koodo (talk & text 30) & fido plan (standard 30) Thanks

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Everything is included with all of your price plans. Canada wide calling,unlimited sms,call display,voicemail,and unlimited MMs.
I had the 65.00 unlimited nation wide calling 2gb data call display call waiting and voice mail included great plan love koodo
if you only talk and text the nexus isn't really needed. or bring your own device and get the 10% discount
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Fido's value pack -Premium Voicemail-To-Text ●Koodo does not offer voicemail to text -35 Voice Messages ●Koodo's voicemail has room to store 10 messages only -Name Display ●Koodo only has call display -WhoCalled ●Koodo does not offer texts for missed calls -2,500 Call Forwarding minutes ●Koodo has a $3 add on for call forwarding via the network. I advise you forward calls through your smartphone and save this cost