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I'm always the dumb guy at school with the old phone how about you get some new phones on your website?! Maybe some of the newer nokia lumina models, HTC one?, blackberry's newest, 32 GB iPhones?

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If you look at their website, you would see that they have indeed included a few more top of the line phones, so your idea has already been answered.
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You can buy any phone you want. They don't have to be from koodo. You are smart kid, you can unlock it in 30 seconds, just buy a code online. Plus, then koodo will give you 10% off your plan if you don't wan their tab. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo.shtml
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There's lots of updated phones in Koodo's line up I believe. Also, you can bring your own devices to Koodo.
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You ask for Blackberries newest? The two newest ones (not counting the entry level that was announced today) are already available.