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More then one booster at a time, uses new without finishing old


Trying to figure out why my new booster is being used when I still have mins and data on older booster.

I have a 100 min talk booster that was a bonus at sign up and also purchased another
talk booster a few months later. I noticed that I still have mins remaiming on my old booster
but system started the new one. This is also true for my data boosters. Why is this happening. 
You purchase another booster when you get low as to not run out and it starts that new booster with mins or data left on the old one.

Anyone have these issues?. 


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Haven't seen the issue, I'm on postpaid, not postpaid; I'm not sure I see how it matters though. As long as the previous booster is still showing on the account, it will get used eventually. It's not like you're in any danger of losing the minutes.
Thanks for the reply but that is not really an answer. Hoping someone on pay as you go will have some input on this issue.
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The booster usage will eventually consolidate into one when the one currently being used runs out. Notice the 1.6 GB remaining on my 1.0 GB data booster. Screen shot from [b]Account Overview. in self-serve.

Not such a bad idea to take a screen shot when your baseplan renews in case of disputes later.