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More information on visual voicemail please

Could I get more information about something new that I heard about - visual voicemail? I dont know if anybody can get it or if it is for specific phones? Also, is there an extra charge if I do get this?

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It's only available for iPhones, do you have an iPhone?
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You can use a service like YouMail on Android devices but you'll need to also add Call Forwarding to your plan if you don't have it.
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John Burke wrote:

You can use a service like YouMail on Android devices but you'll need to also add Call Forwarding...

I wouldn't personally recommend this though
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*Does the interlocked finger crack/flex thing* It's actually kind of a simple service which is pretty awesome (but not really useful if you don't get a lot of voicemails). Again this is an iPhone feature. Instead of the current system where you receive a VM, but have to call in to see who it's from and what the message says following the process where you enter y our pin, pick one, listen to the introduction etc etc, your phone does all the work for you. Instead of just having a red dot on your phone app it puts a number in it like any other notification. When you press the voicemail icon in the corner you see a list of names (if they're contacts) or numbers (if they're not). These correspond to the voicemails in your inbox. They are downloaded (I believe via a data connection) straight to your phone, and new items have a blue dot beside them. You can then touch to select what voicemail you want to listen to whenever you want in any order you want without having to go through the menu system, and can be deleted from right there as well. They do take longer to appear than a standard VM notification (due to the download I believe, you don't get notified until it's on your phone). I've also attached a screenshot of what it looks like on iOS 1-6. 7 is very similar but very white (like the settings screen).