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  • 3 November 2013
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First off, sorry in advance for a long post. While I realize that Koodo is a discount brand, I feel that there could be some more choice in the options for data add-ons. Koodo was initially advertised as being very flexible and was in the beginning and still is to a degree (and I find the customer service to be much better than anywhere else). What I find limiting is the lack of extra data at a reasonable rate, either in a stand alone package or as an add-on. I have a double up package from last year that gives me unlimited calling/text and the like, along with 2GB of data which has been ample until recently when my home Internet decided to stop functioning (Telus needs to send a tech to where I live but I am NEVER home outside a big city during the daytime so I cannot get them to actually diagnose/fix it for me, so I'm stuck using my cell plan as my only data source). The data I have is usually gone by mid-month and I have to really limit my usage for the last half of a month and still incur $25 in extra charges for a mere GB of data. I know I can get a phone elsewhere for city data and get much more than the 1GB I pay extra for that $25, so why can't Koodo come up with one of 2 things (or both)? Give us a BIG data plan for something like $75-80/month consisting of 5-10GB, and/or make higher add-ons available for a better price. I know the price recently dropped for a GB from $25 down to $20/month, but what about when people need more than an extra GB? Having access to a really big data pack would be an instant seller for those of us who do need more usage. Sorry for the long post and thanks for any constructive feedback. Please, no mindless Koodo-defending repeating the same tired replies ad infinitum. If you have something to add that can help, please do so. Otherwise, make your own topic about the things you want to see changed. That is the purpose of the forum.

14 replies

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When you post an idea online, it's best to understand that people WILL disagree with you. That being said, I see no reason for Koodo to offer such a big data package. Koodo is not meant for heavy data users. If you want to use a ton of data, then you may want to consider getting your own internet connection. Since you already have that and have been having issues, you may want to consider holding back on using so much data. Unless you are video streaming/torrenting, there is no reason to be using so much data. For the people that need the extra GB, they can pay for it. It's that simple. And Koodo's current structure doesn't allow for data addons. The pay per use model is not compatible with data addons(and the pay per use model is actually better than the previous version.) Keep in mind, I am not defending Koodo, but I am disagreeing with your idea that Koodo needs to offer bigger data amounts.
Fair enough, but why can another discount provider offer unlimited calling in Canada and the USA AND unlimited data, for $50? I get that their plans are only for their 'home zones' (meaning the big cities) but if they can do it, Koodo should realistically be able to offer its loyal customers who actually NEED more data the option of access to the extra at a good/fair/competitive price. As for Koodo not currently being structured to allow data add-ons, that rings somewhat hollow to me. It's a matter of offering what is wanted/needed/demanded by the customers, even if it is only a limited portion of Koodo's customer base. I really like Koodo, but if I can't get what I need here I may have to look elsewhere for my data needs. Perhaps I'm going to have to give Wind my data business while keeping my 3 lines (mom, son, my phones) with Koodo, but I'd rather simplify and keep all of my cell/mobile data with one provider who really appreciates my business and loyalty (which is a 2-way street). Let's face it, we are fairly limited as to choices here in Canada when our neighbours to the south have far more options and much better rates for cell/data. It is high time our big 3 and their subsidiaries offer us better and more cost-friendly choices. Our pushing for better services will lead to it. Our accepting the platitudes and 'explanations' from the PR folks/CSR people won't make it happen. The more we as consumers press the providers to give us commensurate service (to the US) for comparable pricing (not to mention doing so with some tact and thought instead of vitriol) the sooner it will come about.
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You are mistaken. No provider offers unlimited data. If you're referring to Wind Mobile, it's not unlimited. Your internet speeds are capped after a certain amount of data(3 or 5GB). And the only way to really make any type of change, is to vote with our wallets. Meaning, hundreds of thousands of Canadians would need to leave their provider, with the reason being "in protest". Until this happens, the Telecommunications companies will continue to do what they do because they know that people can't live without their cell phones.
I have to disagree. The plans ARE unlimited as to usage even if the download/upload speeds are capped. The amount of data available to be used at the monthly plan rate IS unlimited so there are never any extra charges. The speed may be limited but only after reaching several GB's worth of usage (which is already higher than I need). As I said earlier, if Wind can do this, why can't Koodo offer something similar even for $75-80/month for 5-10GB? Seems like it would sell very well for the brand, but as you point out we need to vote with our wallets and let the providers know what we want and need. $35/month of 5GB's worth of mobile usage sounds like a good deal, even for just the big cities (which is where I work). I have 2GB on my Koodo plan which I can use at home or away from a city, and the other stuff could be used just in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg when I'm 'home' or any other big city where I'm unlikely to travel. As I said in a previous post, I may have to vote with my wallet and give the bulk of my Internet business to someone else, but Koodo has generally been very good to me and easy to deal with when I've had issues. I would really prefer to continue dealing just with them rather than having multiple bills for wireless services. Perhaps more folks will join in and agree, or someone from Koodo will see that there exists a need to re-work their data options somewhat.
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What plan are you on that offers an data overage rate of $25/GB ? That seems excessive. The current plans typically have $10/GB of overage for data plans with 1GB or 2GB of inclulded data.
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Considering that Wind is going broke, they may also not be the best business modelfor Koodo to be following...
quasarito, I expect I'm on something that is close to the $20/month/GB overage but as I have seen nothing but a usage/cost note on my bill I don't know. My last bill was $23.XX for almost exactly an extra GB used. ... Timo, Wind is in debt, there isn't any denying that, but to say they are going broke because income is less than revenue is like saying the Canadian or American governments are going broke as well. Wind is planning to buy more bandwidth in next year's auction so I expect they have serious plans to remain in business even though they are considering being sold to a foreign investor. I'm not saying the Wind model is by any means perfect, but they have made waves and are still gaining momentum despite Canadian regulation and legislation that heavily favours the Big 3. What I AM saying is that we as consumers need to demand that those Big 3 and their subsidiaries offer us services and rates close to what are offered elsewhere in the world and in the USA specifically. Canada has among the worst/is the worst for value in the mobile arena, and its time out consumers work to change that sad fact.
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quasarito, I expect I'm on something that is close to the $20/month/GB overage but as I have seen...It won't happen until the Big 3 see actual revenue loss over a long period of time.
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I'm with Garry. Koodo should at least provide customers the option of a larger data allowance . Nobody is saying they give it away for free, it should be priced accordingly and in relation to what the current rates are. Bell/Telus/Rogers all provide allocation options far higher than the 3GB max you get with koodo. Bell even has a 10gb option and Rogers has a 15gb option. Let the customer decide which plan they want and what suits their needs best. If most people are happy with less then 3gb, then so be it, but provide larger options for those who want it as well. It's about being competitive. Considering Rogers/Bell/Telus offer this, and have continued to increase data allowances in their packages, I think this suggests their is a need/desire amongst a portion of the population to have this type of service available. It seems like we get threads pretty much daily asking more higher/more data options. The only reason I can think of for Koodo not offering higher then 3gb in their packages, is that they in fact do not want to compete and be competitive with the Big 3. Which I find quite unfortunate and I believe that in itself says a lot. Garry, if I were you, I'd go on craigslist/kijiji and see if you can find someone that's selling one of the grandfathered 6GB plans from a few years ago. They'll probably want a few hundred dollars for it, but you'll be much better off in the end.
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I'm with Garry. Koodo should at least provide customers the option of a larger data allowance . ...I think you'll find that Koodo's plans are about the same as the plans that you mention Rogers and Bell are offering. Bell offers the Unlimited Canada-wide minutes + 10GB data for $140 Rogers offers the Unlimited Canada-wide minutes + 10GB data for $140 For fun, lets throw Telus in there too... surprise! They offer the same for $140. Now lets do Koodo: Koodo offers Unlimited Canada-wide + 3GB for $75, and charge $10/GB above 3GB. So the equivalent 10GB with Koodo would cost $75 + $70 (7GB data overage) = $145. Okay, so Koodo's would cost $5 extra per month than the Big 3. BUT (you saw this coming right?)... the plans at Rogers/Bell/Telus only save you money ($5) if you consistently and always use over 9GB upto 10GB per month. What about months where you use only upto 6GB? 7GB? 8GB? 9GB? With the BIG 3, you pay $140 regardless. Don't try calling up customer service to get a refund for the unused data! With Koodo: 6GB: $105 7GB: $115 8GB: $125 9GB: $135 So yeah, Koodo doesn't beat the Big 3 for usages between 9.000000001-10GB. So if you fit within this data usage band EVERY month, Koodo really sucks! In fact, Koodo is better for data uses above 10GB because Rogers' charges $15/GB overage above 10GB and Bell/Telus charge a whopping $50/GB above 10GB.
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Mobilicity is bankrupt, Public was just sold and as Timo said Wind is in deep trouble. Which is surprising given that they have over one hundred million customers, so one would have thought they know how to run a cell business. I, like most of us would wanna have more data too, although apparently only half of Canadians have data included in their plan. And I suspect those that don't use nearly as much as people on this thread. We are still a bit of a niche it seems. Plus all the wi-fi availability probably helps those who don't want to pay for data.

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Mobilicity is bankrupt, Public was just sold and as Timo said Wind is in deep trouble. Which is s...Well, I tried to upload a picture of the data use of Canadians but this thing seem to be broken and didn't work.