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More Data, less minutes

  • 31 January 2014
  • 3 replies

An option for more data and less minutes to minimize cost. Why: Skype, streaming, long videos/movies/tv shows, online radio. Feel free to add to the list!

3 replies

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That's why Koodo changed their Tab S and Tab M plans so that they include more options for data.
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I agree, it would be easier to sell. Then again there's a lot of people who want "unlimited" minutes so they don't have to worry about it even if their usage isn't very high. Airtime minutes, as we are aware by now, barely cost anything extra on the network and data transmission does, but still not as much as we're paying for it. Unfortunately, the Canadian Telco's are aware of the popularity of data and will keep it at a premium so they can continue to make money. However, I don't see a need to make Skype calls and stream radio or movies constantly through data. Can't you put your own music and movies on your phone beforehand? That way you don't need to use any data for that stuff? That's what I do. I will watch a short Youtube clip here and there and use internet radio through my data on occasion plus I do browse Facebook, Mobilesyrup, these forums, read work emails, etc. so I definitely use it, but it seems a little much to demand it all day every day. Plus WiFi is available in many places. On top of that, I have this thing called a full-time job (ironically selling phones) and a girlfriend who is about a 40 minute drive away, on average. When I have a day off, I'm not seeing her, and don't have to run errands, I usually play video games through most of the day and will use my computer for internet-related things. I'll also use WiFi on my phone if I need to. Then on some nights after work or on a day off I'll go hang out with my girlfriend/friends either at someone's house, at the movies, at a bar, get food, etc. In none of these circumstances do I feel an overwhelming desire to stream media.
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I'm married and retired and love lying on the couch all day, watching movies and timing how long it takes my wife to go ballistic on me. To this end I need a 100G for $80.00 and carrier can keep the minutes....lol