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More Data is what people need

Koodo should increase the data limit on its data plans. Right now the world is mobilizing fast and gadgets like cell phone and tabs are more used. and the multimedia and data on internet is growing and required more bytes transfer. i would say the current offers of 1 or 2 Gigs are not worth while. Koodo should increase it to 4 to 5 GB a month with normal plans. thats one of my idea and suggestion. What you think??

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How much are you willing to pay for more data? Or do you think they will give it away? I'd love to see that, but I somehow doubt it will happen.
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I'd personally like to see the current model of flex data, except make it cheaper, and add a few tiers to it. For example: Up to 25MB: included Up to 100MB: $5 Up to 300MB: $10 Up to 1GB: $15 Up to 3GB: $20 Up to 6GB: $30 Up to 10GB: $50 If Koodo introduces that, imo they could do away with the data plans altogether, and allow people to just mix & match 🙂
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I think Koodo's plan is to watch the usage of the average consumer for a while before making any changes to the data bucket. It'll come I'm sure, it used to be that you had to pay $25 extra to get 2GB, but Koodo (and every other national carrier) is likely waiting for people like my parents to adopt cellular data before they start offering big data buckets. Cause, like it or not, casual cellphone users are still the majority so Koodo's more interested in keeping them happy by keeping the price of the plans down. And the best way to do that is to keep data buckets low for now.
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Curtules wrote:

I think Koodo's plan is to watch the usage of the average consumer for a while before making any ...

You're right about the casual users Curtules, and Koodo needs to keep catering to them. However, nothing keeps Koodo from offering [i]more plans, which would cater to the needs of data-hungry users. They don't have to drop cheap plans if they offer more high-data plans 🙂
i would say the statistics says that the young generations and professionals are the prime users and no doubt they require more data... like when i was student my usage was around 6 GB a month on average. and i was using like a normal person.. and know i am using around 4 GB a month as a professional... but having around 5 GB is way too costly right now... and i have a few friends working with other carrier companies and their thoughts are changing ...
The average mobile usage of 2012 was around 650 MB on average across Canada; an increase of about 60% from 2011. At this rate Canadian companies will have no choice but to offer more data to consumers. How will that affect prices? Only time will tell. KOODO has a great plan for 2GB at 60$, I'd be willing to pay 65$ for 6 GB though. Unfortunately, with the current overage rate, I would have to pay 100$ for and extra 4 GB and that is very very high.
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You can always keep your eye out for promotional plans. I snapped up a $60 plan with 6 gigs almost a year ago. All that being said I agree it's about time to up the data again. Used to be you paid something like $35 for 500 mb (at another carrier), and that gets you $2 GB (there) now. Same thing has happened with plans. We've seen the "base" data increase from 500 mb, to 1 gig or more in plans (although prices have gone up a bit, things like long distance, caller ID, and texting are now included as well). Wouldn't hurt to see 2 gig become the base imo.