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More Data for our trip to New Zealand

We are interested in getting the International Data, minutes and text package but feel that 50MB if Data may not be enough. Can we get more somehow?

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Hey Catherine! The only way to get more than that through us would be to pay the pay per use rates for data, which is $5/mb for New Zealand.  Since it's really expensive we suggest connecting to Wi-Fi as much as possible and download maps in advance (if needed). You also have the option to unlock your phone for $50 to use your phone with a local carrier.  Hope you enjoy your trip! :) 
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If you are going for any length of time, consider unlocking your phone, either through Koodo or a third party.  Check out these sites:



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Agreed with Bob!
I've used a local sim card in New Zealand back when the options were GSM or CDMA (I opted for GSM because I couldn't be bothered to get a phone that'd only work in NZ). Was fairly spendy at the time (and no data options back then), but was way cheaper than any roaming option. I'm sure data packages are close in cost to what you'd find on the Canadian market by going to a local wireless service provider.