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monthly winners!

I think that Koodo should offer every month winners from different provinces or different regions in Canada that get for one month only an additional 1GB or 2GB of data or additional daily minutes (or add ons). The winners can be selected by choosing random phone numbers and sending them a text saying that they have won and received and extra service for the month for free!! That would be very cool and a good incentive for people that haven't already joined Koodo to join as they have a chance every month to win extra data or daytime minutes!! 🙂 the monthly winners can be revealed on the first of every month!

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What would be the whole idea of giving out free things? To incite customers? Nope, customers will not be incited by a contest, but will be incited by better prices
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They use to have "Amigo of the Month" though it didn't have "rewards". They instead posted your picture on their Facebook page for being the most helpful User that month.