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Mobile plan with only internet access

Hi Koodo! I'm an exchange student coming to Sherbrooke, and I'm considering your mobile plan. I would need preferably unlimited internet or at least 4gb and I don't need any texts or calls. Do you have anything like that available?

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Try Telus or Public Mobile if you want data only.
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Unfortunately all of Koodo's high Internet plans also come with calls/texts. If you need that sort of plan and want a good network, Telus has a flex data only plan for up to 5GB for $45 and 5c/MB overage. Fido has the same thing for $40 and $10/GB overage but I've found Telus to have more reliable data speeds. I'm with Rogers now and I get a slower or barely existent data connection in a few malls in the GTA and the back of my work building where Telus worked fine for me.