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What is the difference between MMS messaging and SMS messaging, I have unlimited text with picture but have not been able to send or receive pictures with MMS, would using SMS enable me to do so, without adding to my bill? I do not have a data plan, just a talk and text one, if this affects my ability to send/receive pictures, if so, then why are pictures supposedly included in my plan, and is it possible to send/recieve pictures through text without a data plan?

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Even without a data "PLAN" koodo phones have access to data unless you've blocked it on Koodo's end or disabled it on the phone .Picture messaging requires Data access in order to send the picture.
You can still use data if u dont have a plan... but it will cost alot to send picture tezts and also receiving them. i suggest add a data plan that way you can use unlimited picture msging
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You do NOT need a plan if your current plan includes unlimited picture and text messages. ALL of the newer "Canada Wide" plans include it. Check your selfserve to see. The OP suggested that PIC / TEXT was included in her plan. IF you have an android device there is a workaround that will let you leave your data switches on but only use data for MMS (Picture Messaging)
I have an Iphone 4, my cellular data is turned on as well as MMS but I am still unable to send/receive pictures is this because it's been blocked at Koodo's end, if so, how would I know, if on my phone it indicates that the data is turned on?
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Hello Jadzia. Give them a call. Because I can't give more information on your account than they can. As for how to know if data is ON on your phone, if this was your question, than you will see a 3G/LTE icon near your Koodo (top left of the iPhone)