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Military Plans

Why does Koodo not have a military plan? Perhaps having a plan for military members that focuses on reduced or zero long distance charges will give Koodo good PR as well as thousands of new plans and phone sales. You can even team up with a phone distributor (Blackberry, Apple, Android, etc.) to create a unique and loyal customer base that would ensure not only their continued support, but the support of their family and friends.

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I agree, that'd be a great idea!
Hi Simon - It's probably due to a lack of demand that there aren't any mililtary plans. If there's enough demand for them, Koodo will look into adding a few.
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It was always my understanding that things like this were handled by the parent company (in Koodo's case, Telus) rather than by the discount brand? Is that not the case? It is a really great idea, but I think it's more on Telus than on Koodo to address deals like this with the military.
Telus has a good military plan.
I'd like to see one from Koodo, though