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Mexico/San Diego

  • 19 July 2015
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I am going to San Diego / Tijuana briefly next week and am trying to decide how to use my phone while I am down there.  I will have access to WiFi most of the time, but not always.  I have heard that simply turning your phone on while in the states etc will incur roaming charges.  Is that true?  Can I receive texts free? Or will that be charged as well?  I know there are add on's available, but being as frugal as I am just looking for the best bang for my buck.  Any advice / suggestion would be great

2 replies

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You just need to block data because thats what will incur you charges while you aren't actually using your phone. Receiving texts is free and you only get charged for a call if you answer it or make one
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Most phones have data roaming off be default. Check your model to be sure it's off.