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I used 124.82 Mb on July 17 that cost 5.00$ and used 137.93 on July 19 that cost 0$. Why is this.

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my guess is you have something running or something tethered to the phone... youtube? streaming video? accidentally had Data on instead of WiFi? I use a program called Wali Data usage defender. it will track every app and how much it uses on wifi as well as 3g/4g data, you can set limits to shut off data, etc... (and maybe i should read the question a little better)... when is your cutoff date for billing? My guess is that it is the 17 or 18, and you were over for the month (either that or you were roaming) the cost on july 17th is 4cent/mb. i had it on a bill once that my first day of my plan I was billed for 11mb even though I had just reset. I called Koodo customer service and they reversed the huge charge of 22 cents...
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Older tiers of the pay per use data saver went like this: 0-25mb: $5 26-100mb: $10 101-300mb: $15 300mb-1gb: $20 1-3gb: $30 I'd say you crossed from tier 3 to tier 4 on the 17th and hadn't exceeded 1 gb yet on the 19th.