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MB issues

just got my new Samsung Galaxy SIII and put myself on the $39.00 plan which gives me 300 mb of data. Now its been two days and its says I used 60 already but I all I did was download one wallpaper for my phone and also downloaded Zedge and that was all in my home under WIFI. So how is it possible that I used 60 already?????

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Anytime you walk away from your wifi, other apps (email, messengers, the phone itself) may use data to help keep your phone connected and up to date. Depending on what phone you have, there should be options to restrict background data use and updates when you're not on wifi.
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Hmm. Go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage. You can set a limit there and at the bottom you can see what app is running that's using it up. You should also make absolutely sure you were connected to Wi-Fi as if you have a weak connection and your data is still on, the phone will default to that. Also, go to the Play Store and then settings. Set apps to auto update over Wi-Fi only.
Thank you.