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Match Fido offer of 10% discount on additional lines (stackable with BYOD!!)

Fido now offers a 10% discount on additional lines stackable with the 10% discount if you BYOD. Search Mobilesyrup for details. More advantages to multi-lines would be nice considering we can't share data or mins. In fact, our only real advantage is Koodo to Koodo family calling! http://mobilesyrup.com/2013/11/22/fido-providing-10-discount-to-additional-lines-stackable-with-existing-10-byod-offer/

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Add your voice to Robert's idea, Jerry so it's all kept in one spot 🙂 http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/price_match_this_plan_koodo Though technically your idea is slightly different I guess 😃
Its more than slightly different. Robert is trying to get a price match on a plan only available in Quebec. I am trying to get a 10% discount on any and ALL plans, stackable with the BYOD 10% discount for a total of a 20% discount on new activations for additional lines.
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I would like Koodo to implement this, it does make sense.
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On another thread the koodo person (Sumaya) mentioned that they look at every idea and assess it for fit. I guess that may mean that there will be lots of ideas that makes sense to us if it's contrary to their business they may not implement it. I'm pretty sure no business want to discount their products unless the cost of doing so materializes in greater profits. Looking at telus/koodo results they reported, it doesn't look like they are in a tough spot. They were number one. Fido seems to be struggling hence all the attempts (sales, discounts etc.) to make up what I guess they missed. Unless koodo feels the pinch they won't likely match this. I'd love tone proven wrong! We have a number of people with koodo in the family.
They sure match Fido rate plans the day after they come out...