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Mandatory data plans with two phones

  • 17 February 2021
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I’m getting an unlocked phone with two sims so I can keep my current personal number and then get a line for a business I’m starting so that way I only have to use one device. I won’t really need data as my personal plan more than covers me so my hope is to get a low cost plan of just calls and text for the second sim. I’ve heard some carriers won’t let you do this and you have to have a minimum data plan if you have a smart phone (which I will be getting). Can I do what I described above with Koodo without a mandatory data plan on the second sim, or am I going to run into trouble?

2 replies

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Koodo has a talk plan with pay per use data. I'd actually suggest you go with Fongo or some other business oriented VoIP service. You'll be able to make and receive phone calls and texts using cellular or WiFi data. It's free. They have a business version.

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Note that most dual sim phones are Duo Sim standby.  Meaning you switch between the sims.  So if you have your personal number connected to the network, the business number will not be connected to the network… and vice versa.