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Making monthly plans more customizable

Add-ons are great for covering certain needs, such as additional BBM. However, what if you were able to switch out unlimited incoming calls for 400mb data, etc.?

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It doesn't work that way. While the idea is nice on paper, it's not really all that possible with Koodo's systems.
If this $ value is the same, what hinders this?
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Coding, billing, etc.
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While the all in one plans are convenient and offer great value, I agree that there should be an 'a la carte' option for people who would rather customize their own plan with just the features they want.
A lot of the items built into the current plans were add-ons at one time or another, with the exclusion of data. There should be no reason why there couldn't something based on a flat plan and adding on. That's how it used to be. You had a base plan, and you add on from there.