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  • 20 December 2013
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Being a koodo member since 2009, is there a program which acknowledges that I am a loyal member and could get some sort of benefit such as a cheaper plan or more data? I know other providers do.

4 replies

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No. You get tab points for every month you stay with koodo, unless you've opted for the no tab discount, but that's it.
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Actually,othere providers don't give cheaper plans for "loyal customers". What they do do is if someone calls in and complains or threatens to leave they give them some discount. Which is awful! Those wo never complained end up getting paying more. Totally unfair imho.
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Hi Michele, Since you love Koodo all these years. You can start referring people to Koodo and tell them about the benefits of switching. You do get rewarded for referring. You and your friend will get $25 each on your tab. Which adds up quickly and you can get a sweet new phone (possibly even for free). To do the refer-a-friend program. Click koodoreferral.com, create a code before activation, then go back to the link after activation and type in the code you created and their Koodo phone number. After 4-6 weeks expect to have $25 on your tab. There is no limit on how many people you can refer.
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Koodo doesn't have retention plans. Don't even bother. There's been some great responses above, though. Plus, Self Serve is getting better all the time and is not only easier to navigate in my opinion, but more powerful than other providers' account management systems (except for Telus). On top of that, they have a strong community going on here with lots of ideas to make it better and many suggestions have been implemented already (including one of mine, having Tabs billed out when you upgrade). I just don't feel this level of attachment/interaction with Rogers, not to mention the plans are mostly cheaper too. Retention plans have pretty much disappeared since the CRTC's 24 month rule change, from my experience (I work at a multi carrier retailer), or maybe I just suck at talking with those departments because I can't get a single thing from Rogers (for wireless). I can't afford to port my phone over to Koodo yet but in the mean time I have a line with them on the side anyway #yolo