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We currently have 4 phones with Koodo. Love the customer service but really wish they offered long term customers loyalty offers. I am still using my Samsung S3. Would love to upgrade but hate the fact that I am paying the same as a new customer. Also a family plan would be nice. Not just being able to call between phones, most companies offer that. There should be a discount off the package price for each additional phone added to the plan. Or give credits to existing customers for a discount on new phones. Entice people to upgrade and stay with your company. At one point Koodo had the best deals around but the other companies are stepping up and competing more. Please Koodo do more for your loyal customers, not just only new customers.

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I don't disagree with you on any point, but I do want to point out the fact that no other company offers any worthwhile loyalty programs. As far as family plans go, none of the big 3 discount brands (Koodo, Fido, Virgin) offer family plans - only the main brands do.
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Ivan wrote:

I don't disagree with you on any point, but I do want to point out the fact that no other company...

They don't have "loyalty offers" but they all offer additional value as well to be with them.
But isn't that all the more reason for Koodo to provide this service to their loyal customers? They can be the first discount brand to offer a service like this. I can actually get a plan with Bell now, (through my work) for the same price but with 3gb of data instead of 1gb. The reason I don't switch is because I hate their customer service. The reason I left Bell and went to Koodo a few years ago. I am just making a suggestion that I wish Koodo would consider.
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Thanks for sharing your feedback Scott! You have come to the right place to post your idea, as they are all reviewed here 🙂! We have adapted and grown a lot thanks to our customers! Dont stop sharing 🙂! Have a great day!