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lost sim card

say i lost my sim card can i replace it but still have my contacts and data transferred from my old card and where can i get a new card and for how much

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If contacts were ONLY backed up to the Sim then they are gone.. You can get a new sim at any koodo location and they cost 10$, the rep you purchase from will be able to add the new sim to your existing plan and number all that jazz.. Always remember to do a computer backup of contacts or use the cloud.. Or a SD memory card. You can write them down too if you choose to! Good luck!
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There is a good chance that the contacts were saved to the phone and SIM. On Android, you have the option to save them to either or. I actually prefer to save them to the phone because Google Sync backs up your contacts without manually doing so. Great feature. I hope this scenario was a "just in case" question becuase this would be a major problem for me. Good luck.
thank you this was useful