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looking for a smart phone, was wondering if companies still offers deals of double data at different times of the year.

was looking for an increase in data without an increase in price. Was hoping to find a double data deal. I am currently on a pay as you go with no data. looking to upgrade to a monthly plan.

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koodo use to offer double the data programs frequently but there are currently no such programs going on.
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Depending on how much data you want/need, you can always buy a prepaid data booster. Just like voice booster, they don't expire and they rollover as long as your keep your base plan active
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You can always switch to postpaid now with your current phone (or get a new one with the Tab), pick the plan you want, and then switch it later. Your plan isn't set in stone.
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There are also double data boosters for prepaid sometimes(there was one for christmas last year). Just something to consider.