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I am going to buy monthly plan in Burlington, Ontario. But in one month going to move to Saskatoon. So I need to use Koodo in Burlington first , then on the way to Saskatoon(driving), and continue to use in Saskatoon. How is local area thing will work in this case?

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Hi Erkin, All Koodo's plans are nationwide... so it doesn't matter where you are. All of Canada is your local area 😃 Unless.... you are going to get an iPhone plan (but that is 3 years, not monthly) 🙂
Thank you, Sophia.
It's also important to think about your contacts. remember not all the carriers have Canada wide options, so when you get to Saskatoon, it would be important to change your number to a local number so when you receive calls from them, they don't get charged LD.
Thank you. I didn't know about it. Took Koodo with temp numbers.Will change them to local ones in SK.
Buy the way, can anyone advise where I can buy CDMA cellphone for Koodo network? Looks like it is very rare in Southern Ontario.
i think that you have to go through Kijj or craiglist !
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Get it solved ! wrote:

i think that you have to go through Kijj or craiglist !

Koodo is still selling Samsung U430 Certified Pre-Owned and BB 8530 on https://shop.koodomobile.com/certifiedpreowned/c99999905-p0.html