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Live in BC, have SK Number. Can I get the $48-5GB plan?

  • 6 February 2017
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I'm currently with Bell, where I have a SK number. They've informed me that as long as I keep my SK number, I keep my SK rates.

Does Koodo offer the same, or if I live in BC, am I only eligible for the BC plans?

What are the rules for this? I have no interest in breaking Koodo rules, so I will not misreport my address when signing up.

2 replies

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From the Nitty Gritty of the plans page (emphasis mine):
[b][i]Rate plan available for Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents only[i]. Subscribers who move to another province will be migrated to a rate plan available in that province with similar services at the monthly rate plan then available.

Watch for the data deals, such as are on now for Koodo's best prices.
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@Joey: province-specific plans are controled by ID verification at the kiosk. If you switch to Koodo, by showing your BC ID, you will get a new BC number. The reps will refuse to port in your 306 number. Even if the rep at the kiosk tries to port your number, the port request will get rejected. Koodo will automatically reject any out of province port request at activation time. Once your account with Koodo is active, you are free to port in your 306 number, replacing your temporary BC number. Once your 306 number is ported in, you'll be able to select one of the available plans.
What you do with that information is none of my business.