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Limit to the calls made

  • 14 November 2012
  • 3 replies

Is there a way to put a limit on the minutes used? I have a plan with 50 minutes/month. My son has lost his phone a couple of times and I would like to have the peace of mind of knowinbg that if the phone is lost someone would not find it and make all sort of calls.

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3 replies

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I's always good to protect your phone with a password, that will prevent someone who will find to use it at your expense
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Magda -As well I am sure if your son has lost his phone ; you are aware that you can suspend the phone immediately-this can be done by logging into your selfserve account koodomobile.com->click on ss-go under your mobile tab-click suspend ...if the phone is recovered you can login to ss to resume service without having to into koodo. As well Mat- Good idea with the password protection:)
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Hi Magda, Mat and LindaA are right! We can’t put a limit on the airtime used but you can monitor the usage via Self Serve online or by using the Koodo application on your phone if you have a smartphone 🙂