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I got this LG5 and with in the first 7 days it wouldn't correctly receive txt messages. I went to the point of purchase to trouble shoot the issue. The rep indicated that he was resetting the set up and changing the SIM card. After the rep took these steps the phone worked correctly for 3 days. After the 3 days I called in to speak with a number of reps. 1st said the phone wasn't set up correctly on their end. It then worked correctly for one day. The KIOSK sent the phone back for repairs. At this point keeping in mind the phone is only been mine for 10 days. I was advised the phone was 'flashed' and then it  worked for aprx. 4 more days. Then issues started again,  The KIOSK returned the phone for more repairs. They advised me the mother board on the brand new phone require changing. Now the phone is being replaced as it doesn't work. Which it hasn't worked correctly since purchase. I am being charged $7 for insurance on a phone that was still under regular warranty and by not correctly resolving the issue I am now over the 14 days. The phone clearly showed defect prior to the original warranty date. I am now waiting on my 'new' phone through my insurance claim. This should have been replaced free of charge through customer service warranty. Now if something that is at my fault not the manufactures. I am only able to have one more claim. I am being penalized for a claim when it was equipment defect.

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Were you not told about being able to return / exchange in 14 days or that you are not able to or something else?
I was aware and they kept pushing to have the phone repaired.