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Less talk minutes, more data

If your a phone talker, minutes are obviously important. i think there are a large group of your customers that use text and data far more than talk time. i have 400 mins per month and i barely use 10%. I would like to see plans that have far more data substituted for talk minutes

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It's been suggested many times. Data is the big money maker right now. You aren't going to see anything special with regards to data.
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I'd say I agree, but the ratio wouldn't be as impressive as you'd hope. Voice is supes cheaper to transmit than data so probably you'd see something like changing the $50 plan from 500 minutes and 500 MB to 250 minutes and 525 MB. (Don't quote me though, I don't have the actual numbers)
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Voice usage is on the big decline with data on the upswing, as already mentioned. And people wonder why Canada lags behind with mobile use and adoption, with these extortionist data rates. I vote with my wallet. Settled on prepaid with boosters and use about 30 to 50MB data/month. My 1GB data booster is going to last! 😉 Perhaps things will change once Verizon comes to town, but I'm not holding my breath.
Koodo offered an amazing plan last year at this time.. 6 gigs of data! Well I jumped on that my plan is loaded all for 70 bucks a month and that includes tax