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How about being on the cutting edge by offering a TRUE all in plan with 1 rate no surprise bill so for those who choose that plan know exactly what they are paying every month and could setup a pre-arranged payment with there bank, credit card, debit card.

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The issue with that is people have varying cellular wants. What would the cost of this "all-in-one" plan be? A lot of customers think $29 is still too expensive. People have to track their usage according to the plan they have. I'm sure it's different in case of emergencies (needed to call a lot because a family member was in the hospital, etc.) but otherwise it's set out in paper what someone is signing up for. The closest you'll get to an "all-in-one" plan is an unlimited Canada-wide calling plan and a bucket of data, so the $64 or $74 would suit that. Pre-authorized payments are already possible with a Credit Card or chequing info from your bank or you could set that up through your bank itself.