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Koodo Wireless Home Phone promotions

I'm hopeful Koodo will have another promotion soon on the Koodo Wireless Home Phone, is that likely to happen again soon?
I'm interested in getting two WHP's. I've heard Koodo does promotions as low as $5/month for 12 months? If that happens again, I'm signing up for two lines.

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Hello Peter, Unfortunately we don't know ow if they will! But keep checking their website. That's the o Ly way you can see other promotions!
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The aggressive $5/month promo was there near launch when Koodo was trying to break into the home phone market. I don't know if such an aggressive promo is likely to repeat (but I'm just speculating. If you follow Koodo on Facebook and/or Twitter, you'll stay up to date on their promos.
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At $20 per month, Koodo's wireless home phone is already a market dump given that it's only available in provinces that are primarily Bell's landline territory.
Promo's are never guaranteed. Unless Fido drops pricing on their wireless home phone for AB & BC, I don't expect Koodo to drop theirs. Koodo's already more expensive than Fido for wireless home phone and I doubt we'll see Koodo drop their prices any time soon.