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Koodo vs Public Mobile

  • 20 September 2020
  • 9 replies

Why the hell can you not offer the 8GB to already existing clients on the 50 buck plans, but rather just for new clients. Sounds as if you don't want us to stick around when there is Public Mobile.

9 replies

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Telus, Koodo and Public Mobile are all under the Telus umbrella with  PM being at the bottom with lower cost, lower speed (3G) and reduced ‘live’ customer support. You can assess what’s best for you and vote with your wallet.

Still looking for an answer to the question about “the 8GB to already existing clients on the 50 buck plans, but rather just for new clients. “

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“Because they can” and customers do not  appreciate it when they  are denied access to ‘mouth watering’ promotions.

Koodo prefers to entice new customers to join koodo (incl. BYOD, like me) and to encourage existing customers to upgrade their phone and extend their stay with koodo (24 months Tab program). BTW, other providers, if not all, use similar tactics.

I Bring My Own since getting roped into contracts just don’t work for me.

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With unlocked phones, BYOD and recently, eSIM (which Public Mobile does not support) the playing field has somewhat levelled amongst the flanker brands. As such, you’re free to choose the provider that offers you the best value for your money. Public Mobile does not support Wi-Fi Calling or VoLTE if these features are of importance to you.

I have used WiFi calling once when there was nothing but WiFi. Over rated. 

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What plan are on as of now? are you a prepaid or postpaid customer? Koodo currently have a promo $50 9GB for new customer, but for postpaid only. I cannot find any $50 - 8 GB.

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The best idea I've read so far is doing a phone upgrade through them, but just stay using your existing phone if that's what you like, and sell the new phone, pay off the tab.


All the cell companies use these tactics to reel in new customers. I'm coming up from public mobile myself. I have a decent deal that's not offered anymore with 4gb 4g/lte data, unlimited text and province wide talk, call ID and vm for $40 monthly, but I've blew through my data a month early this time, and been close too many times before while "gingerly" using data. (the way their plans work is you get 12gb over 3 months, while paying 3 months at a time).


Public Mobile only offers 3g service plans now. 

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By paying off the tab early, you may be required you to pay back the tab bonus. Take that into consideration when entertaining this idea (can I sell my new cell at a price which will cover my tab+ bonus)?. Keeping the tab for 24 months (and benefit from the tab bonus) may be worth considering.