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Koodo US roaming must need revamp

  • 18 February 2017
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Canadian Providers US roaming Charge per day - (your current plan will be available in U.S.) :


Fido roam $5/day capped at $50 per billing cycle.
Rogers roam like home : $5/day capped at $50 per billing

Telus Easy roam $7/day capped at $100 per billing cycle.

Bell roam better $5/day capped at $100 per billing cycle.
Virgin Mobile roam sweet roam $5/day capped at $100 per billing cycle. 

Videotron Daily Traveller Pass $6/day capped at $100 per billing Cycle. 

Freedom Mobile $15/month  Talk,Text,Data 

Sasktel Roam and Relax U.S. Daily  $8/day


International Daily pass available for these providers too. 

Koodo charges $75 for talk/Text/750MB/month,. Koodo must add daily pass.

Koodo part of Telus and still are not providing such feature on their add-ons.

How long would Koodo need to feature US daily pass ? 


3 replies

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Not sure. Koodo seems to focus less on good roaming rates. You might need to turn to local prepaid plans or another provider if you need to roam often.
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Eyhab, we are indeed looking at making some changes in the very near future. Can't share much more about the details but your feedback has is indeed appreciated. 
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I love to see new roaming rates with Koodo.  I would like to continue to use my Koodo phone and koodo phone number while in the US..  Right now, the rate are not good and it is forcing me to get a local prepaid.