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Koodo unlimited India calling?

When is koodo going to release unlimited India $20 like Telus?Right now they offer only 1000 minutes for $20.

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If you really need to call over 1,000 minutes to India a month then you should look into a VoIP service instead.
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Skype2go is always my favorite VoIP. With it you can translate long distance numbers to a local number and call using your regular phone or cell phone. You can even register other family members phones so they can call India too. The prices are great. I don't call India but I do call the usa and I get unlimited calling for 2.99 a month. Here are skype2go subscription rates to india.

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Regardless even at $20 for 1000 minutes that $0.02 per minute! Even if you happen to go over the 1000 minutes it's $0.02 per minute. Do you really need more then 33 minutes per day for the whole month?It all boils down to you pay what you wish to use. Use more pay more use less pay less so the ball is in your court 🙂