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Koodo told me I can change back from $55 plan to $45 (with the tab), but I don't see that option online?

When I got my Smartphone about two months ago, they told me it would be really easy to change from the 3G plan for $55 to the 1G $45 if ever I decided that 3G would not be necessary for my needs. Now I tried to switch to the 1G plan online, but it only gives me an option with 500MB and no unlimited calls! This is not ok. They cannot tell you one thing in the store and then not offer it at all online in the end! Is there a way of changing to the $45 plan (with the tab thing) that I haven't seen yet? Or is Koodo really that sneaky?

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It is very easy to change to an in market plan. At the time the $45 plan was an in-market plan. Unfortunately the in market plans increased this Tuesday : (
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That plan you mentioned is no longer available Jana 😞 the new plans really aren't very great. I advise staying with your 3gig plan since it's a much better value then what is available now. 😞
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If the Plan is no longer available, you can't change back to it on your own. Since they changed very recently, you might be able to have them change it for you if you calmly explain your to either the sales person that switched you or by calling Customer Support. There's unfortunately no guarantee, but if you stay calm & friendly, people on the phone or at the store would be more inclined to assist you. Remember, they speak to lots of people everyday so a pleasant conversation can go a long way.
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I wish I could give clients 3GB for $55... take a look at the Ontario plans now and you'll cringe. Please just keep it. You'll be better off.
Koodo changes their plans frequently and you have to choose from what they have to offer when you want to change.