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Koodo plans getting better and better!

I love how Koodo plans get better and better. If you follow what the "other" carriers offer, they seem like they are playing catchup with Koodo's offerings. By keeping up with Koodo's current plans and add-on's, I am able to make a simple change via the self-serve online or free downloadable app, and put money back in my pocket. Kudos to Koodo!

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Excellent to hear that you are happy with the company... Keep always an eye on our website for special offers...
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Speaking of which....it looks like they just relaunched the "double, double" from december. https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html
I wonder if they will offer that 6 gb deal they had way back. Holy Enchiladas!
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I agree
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Me too
I wish they do offer 6 gb that would be awesome