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Hi, my friend is leaving Canada so he wants to give me his existing plan, he's paying $45 1gb/400mins/unli text-international/unli call after 5.. Now my question is, do I still get the 10% plan discount that koodo is offering because I have my own iPhone? Thanks

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Yes you can. Your friend needs to call Koodo and request a transfer of ownership. Then you call in and complete the transfer. You guys don't have to be on the phone together or anything, it can be separate calls. They will ask for 2 pieces of ID to complete the credit check. $25 fee applies to you once transfer is done (billed to the account). That's pretty much it
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The 10% discount is only for customers with a Tab of 0 or in the positive. If your friend doesn't have a negative Tab then you can totally get the 10% discount, however, if your friend has a negative Tab on his line then you'll be taking on the Tab as well as the plan and number.