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Koodo offer - did it apply

  • 8 June 2019
  • 5 replies

I have 2 lines and just ordered a new phone for each. When I ordered the new phones I used the Koodoffer promo code and kept my existing plans. When I put in the promo code it said that it had been applied. Is there a way to confirm that the promo code worked? When I logon to self serve and check my rate plan, I don't see anything there.

5 replies

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The usual way would be to see the changes on your next bill.
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Did you get a new plan that was at least $50?
No, i used my old plans. One is $50 and the other is $49
When i put in the code it said that it had been applied
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When you checked out there was a summary. Did it say the $10 credit for 12 months?
I don't think there was any further written confirmation other than showing that it had applied when i entered the code. Sounds like i better just call them to ask