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Koodo is falling behind, it needs to be much more forward looking

With people increasingly having more than one account (it is my case), Koodo needs to make it a lot more attractive to open this second account. Now the only perks is free calls between the 2 numbers!!! This is lame alright. Instead, a second account should have a special plan with more minutes for calls and data, maybe a cheaper phone, introductory perks and so on. As well, it should rewards customers who have already two accounts with such deals as the one they offered when they had Double Minutes & Data (that was a great idea). You need to make it irresistible to be a Koodo customer and to create envy in people who made the mistake of signing up with another provider. Companies such as Virgin are now promoting very attractive plans and great introductory deals that will leave Koodo behind in no time. Now is the time to act.

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What "very attractive" plans are you talking about? They're pretty much the same as Koodo's and don't offer any amazing deals for adding 2nd lines. The ace up their sleeve are the member benefits, though.
They offer coast to coast calls, just as Koodo, and offered me a Galaxy s5 for free if I signed up with them. In addition, Costco was giving me a.gift card of 50$. I remind you that Koodo is asking only 575$ for the Galaxy s5!!!!!
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http://mobility.costco.ca/en/on/phones-and-smartphones/328-samsung-galaxy-s5/ Looks like it's $197 upfront for Virgin... and it's also only for Platinum Plans that start at $80/month for Unlimited calls and 500 MB (same as Koodo's Tab L), which is $225 upfront, so it's not a significant difference. It also says special order only; don't know what that means. Sounds like more work or a hassle. You do get a $25 cash card, so there's that... The $575 price you saw for Koodo was on Tab S. Tab M price would be $425. The plans are significantly cheaper/better value than any of the big 3 and Virgin's Platinum. The cool thing is Koodo actually lets you pay more upfront to get a cheaper plan but in most circumstances the other guys won't let you. Or did you not see those terms and conditions when you were there? I'm a phone/carrier diplomat and like good deals too, but do some research before you post anything please. P.S I don't work for Koodo either.
197$ upfront? None of that for me. I was going to pay 45$ a month + tax. and nothing more!!!! And if Koodo is so good, I wonder why three of my friends who used to be with Koodo switched to Virgin lately....
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Show me in writing and then I'll go sign up for one. $0 down on a Galaxy S5, which is just 6 months old, with $50 ISC and only a $45 plan commit is a crock without proof.
Well, if you are a Costco member, see for yourself.