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Koodo Home Phone--suddenly have 2 accounts, neither is "right"!

  • 27 September 2016
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We went to a Koodo store on Saturday. The salesperson (she was awesome, even though she couldn't "fix" things) initially set up Koodo Home Phone on my account, then we found that we couldn't port our existing Bell number to that account because it was in my husband's name. No prob, she deactivated & cancelled that one, refunded the charge for the hub/SIM & started over setting up Home Phone on husband's Koodo account. Still couldn't port the Bell number (Bell had the account set up as "M" not "Mike"), she said she'd set up a temporary number for Home Phone, we could contact Bell to make the name on the account match his Koodo account, then the Bell number could be ported in & replace the temporary number.

We got Bell straightened out, couldn't port the number via Self-Serve, spent much time on the phone with a Koodo rep who said that he got the number ported, all was good. A couple of days later (he said the port could take 2 days) we check things out...we now have TWO Koodo Home Phone accounts, one on husband's Koodo account, one on mine. The one on husband's account has the temporary number, the one on mine has the old Bell number we wanted ported. If we hook our phone handset up to the hub, it will ring if the temporary number is dialed (if the old Bell number is dialed you get voicemail). Much time on the phone with another Koodo rep tonight, just to have her tell us that she can't do anything, that we have to go back to the store we went to in the first place (there is no "nearby" store, the closest one is a 4 hr round trip drive). The SIM card in the hub is assigned to the temporary number on the husband's account.

We need that Home Phone to be the old Bell number, and the Home Phone account on my account to be deleted once & for all. Help?? Please??

2 replies

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It will be easiest for the community to respond if you continue this discussion within the original topic.

It will be easiest for the community to respond if you [url=https://community.koodomobile.com/koo...Sorry, posted this on the facebook page, didn't realize it redirected to where I'd already been